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Registration and application flow

RIS: Registration and application flow

General questions


HOW TO RiS: Part 1 What is RiS? Where to start? Register as a user :) 

HOW TO RiS: Part 2 Find projects - limit your search - map options

HOW TO RiS: Part 3 Make a new project? Edit a new project?

What kind of project can be entered into the RiS database?

The RiS database is for all research, educational and monitoring activities in Svalbard and surrounding waters.

Why should I register my project in RiS?

RiS makes it possible to register and retrieve a RiS ID for your activity in order to reserve transportation to and services in Ny-Ålesund, apply and report to the Svalbard Governor's Office in accordance with Svalbard regulations, and disseminate information about your research activity and results to other scientists and the public at large. The content of the database along with the RiS maps make the portal a key tool for coordinating logistics and fieldwork activities as well as for data sharing.

How can I register a new project?

You must register as a user before entering your project. Log in and submit your user details. You will then be directed to the project registration page.

Can I create a user without a project?

Yes, you do not have to register a project when you register as a user. But you must be registered as a user in order to register your project, submit applications to the Governor's Office, book reservations in Ny-Ålesund or to add publications and dataset. The search function is open to all, with no registration required.

Is my user name from the old RiS-database still valid?

Yes, you can use the same user name, but you will have to reset your password in the new RiS. All user and project information has been migrated to the new RiS.

How do I change my user name (email address)?

If you remember your password, you can log into MyPage and edit the user name under your profile. If not, send a request for assistance by email to:

How can I reset my password?

On the log in page, you can request a new password (reset your password).

Can I update projects from the old database?

Yes, you will find an overview of all your projects on MyPage.

Do I need to be a registered user to carry out a search?

No, the search feature is open to everyone and no registration is required.

What can I search for in the RiS database?

You can search for projects, persons and institutions. Your search results will be listed by category. You can further specify your search criteria in the left-hand menu. You can also carry out geographical searches for field sites and information about data sets (metadata) and display the results using the RiS map service.

How long do user sessions last?

User sessions expire after one hour.

Can I upload project documents?

You can upload PDFs by adding "comments" to your project information.


Search and statistics

What can I search for in the RiS portal?

You can navigate to the search and statistics section by performing a search from the search field available anywhere in the RiS Portal or by clicking one of the Statistics buttons on the front page (the ones with numbers).

To show all content in the database, perform an empty search by clicking on the magnifying glass in the search field with no text in the search field.

How can I refine my search?

You can search for any phrase in the entire content of the database. If you want to search for projects about polar bears, write "polar bear", including the quote signs. You can edit and refine your search results on the left hand side of the page, by:

  • Result types (projects, persons, institutions and publications )
  • Status of projects (finished, In work and planned)
  • Countries and institutions involved
  • Project and field work period (year and month)
  • Project type and discipline
  • Standardized keywords

How can I present my search results?

The search results are available in three viewing modes: ListView and MapView. To switch between these use the buttons on the top right section of the search result page.

Tick the result type "Projects" on the left hand side to activate the Map view. Only field sites registered through the projects are displayed. Since one project can have many field sites, the map view will generate more result points than the list view.



Applications for research activity to the Governor of Svalbard

Can I make changes to my application?

YOu cannot make changes to your application in RiS, as it is locked and sent to the Governor's Office as a PDF file. Please contact the Governor's Office (, email address: in order to make any changes to your application. Remember to specify your RiS ID.

How do I submit my application to the Governor's Office?

Your project must be registered and approved in the database before you may apply to the Governor's Office. You must add a fieldwork period in your project that the application is based upon. Please remember that the fieldwork period is the time you will be out in the field. It is not the time your instrument stays out, this is something you register in the application. The SSF secretariat normally approves new projects within a few work days. Following approval, select the project on MyPage, clik on New application and complete and submit an application form.

Replies from the Governor's Office will be sent by email, but not via the RiS Portal. Remember to apply well in advance, as the Governor's Office requires up to 8 weeks for application processing.

How do I withdraw my application?

Please contact the Governor's office at Remember to specify your RiS ID.

How do I send in my report to the Governor's Office?

Choose the project for reporting on MyPage, Click on the Report-button and submit the report form along with the relevant information.

The application form to the Governor's Office is very detailed, do I have to answer everything?

No, your application should only contain the information that is relevant to your project and the application processing by the Governor's Office. The first time you apply, it may be useful to review all text fields and appurtenant guidelines.

I am missing some information for my application, can I save a draft and finish it later?

Yes, you can save your information and return to the application form later. You must click "send" for the application to be submitted to the Governor's Office.

Where can I send additional information relevant to my research application?

Please contact the Governor's Office at Remember to specify your RiS ID.


Booking of services in Ny-Ålesund

How can I make a booking in Ny-Ålesund?

Visit MyPage and select the relevant project on the list of approved projects. Remember to have all the necessary approvals from your host station. Make sure you have a valid fieldwork period since this is a requirment to get the booking option. NEVER use an old fieldwork period and change the dates to a new period. This will give you trouble later on. Always add a new fieldwork period! Then choose the correct fieldworkperiod in the drop down menu under Bookings and click Add booking. Fill out the booking form and make sure all dates and data required is correct. Please note that both the host institution and Kings Bay must approve your booking, so plan and start the procedure well in advance.

How long in advance do I have to place my booking for Ny-Ålesund?

Please check with your host institution and Kings Bay well in advance for information on deadlines. Please also check Kings Bay's Terms and Condition in the header of the RiS front page.

How can I change my bookings?

Go to MyPage and select the project whose booking needs to be changed. Then click on the booking line, "Edit" the booking and "Send" it for approval again. You will not be able to make changes to a booking while it is under processing. It will be opened for editing again when it gets approvd or declined.

Do I have to book everything at the same time?

No, you can edit and save booking segments and update them at a later time before sending for approval, but make sure to click SAVE DRAFT! Please make one booking for your group's travel, not one for every person or one for every segment. 

How can I cancel my booking?

You will first have to remove all the booking lines in each booking section. Then save and send for approval. You will be submitting an empty booking, which in practical terms means the booking is cancelled. Please don't just delete the whole booking, Kings Bay will not get your cancellation then and you will have to pay.

Can I book on behalf of other people in my project?

Yes, all the project members can carry out booking for the project, but every person must register their own user i RiS first.